Workshops and teambuilding - Become a bag maker for a few hours

Come to our Brasserie to make your own tailor-made belt and a lifetime warranty or build your own MONI kit.

Everything will take place under the supervision of our specialists, Adama Máčela (belt-master) and Monika Lepschy (fashion designer).

You will enter the world of creativity and craft and you will taste what it is like to do a good thing with your own hands.

You get different types of materials and try different handicraft sectors.


Work with your hands.


Ideal gift for all creative souls, girlfriends or wives, daughters and mums.

Upon ordering and paying, you will receive an invitation for the recipient with information about the workshop.

Please note who is going to attend the workshop.


You will be contacted by Michal Palicka on e-mail: or on the phone: +420 730 100 483