Mouth-nose-protective mask (two layered) - L

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Mouth-nose-protective mask (two layered) - L

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Product Description

Two-layered mouth-nose protective mask - L

We have designed an improvised textile cotton cloth - this is the mid size, suitable for men or women with a normal head size. It fits most people. Attention: is is NEITHER suitable for children NOR for people with a large head size.

The cloth is designed in two layers and contains an integrated pocket for an improvised filter. We recommend using filters made of available materials, which you may already have at home - these do not protect against the virus, but prevent the penetration of droplets (In videos from Asia, materials such as cellulose, paper tissues, folded kitchen towels and Hepa vacuum cleaner filters are recommended to be used for improvised protective masks). 

CAUTION: These improvised filters do not prevent viruses from entering. If they get wet, discard them, always use new filters, and then wash and disinfect your hands. 

The cloth is made of cotton and can easily be sterilized at home. 

After sewing, please wash the mask for the first time (boil to 95 degrees), dry and iron it.

The instructions for making the masks are published here on the Internet on this page. 

The mask should preferably be changed twice a day. (After 4 hours of use, the mask creates a microbially susceptible environment. Please change the cloth and your improvised filters frequently.)