Improvised Anti Coronavirus face shield

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Improvised Anti Coronavirus face shield

EUR 14.99
Product Description

We produce improvised face-protection shields for everyone "at the forefront".

Many nurses, doctors, people who ar in close contact with (probably) infected people already ordered this protection and use it daily. 


32 cm x 25,5 cm (protection shield).

The shield is designed as an improvised protection against the droplets through which the coronavirus is transmitted. For all doctors, pharmacists, vendors, petrol station employees, grocery store personnel and all persons who are in close contact with people and have an increased risk of transmission of the virus.

This product is not certified, but when combined with an improvised textile mouth-nose protection-mask (tested and approved by the University of Hong Kong), it significantly reduces the risk of virus transmission (watch the video).

According to information in the media, the coronavirus is also transmitted via the eyes. This shield prevents droplets from flying towards the face (for example, when your counterpart sneezes, coughs or speaks in your direction). 

The window is completely transparent and is made of non-toxic PREDAG material. 

The headband is made of leather, it sits comfortably on the head and you can simply bend the shield up and down if necessary (for example, to make calls, drink or eat). 

You can easily adjust the elastic rubber band to your individual head size using normal scissors to shorten it. 

We produce these protection shields every day - in limited numbers - and we only offer the shields for which we already have got the material and which we were actually able to assemble. 

We ship your order within two days and will try to work for you in two shifts - day and night.

Attention: This is not a certified product! IT IS AN ADDITIONAL TOOL!

It is not ideal, but it is better than nothing! We recommend combining the improvised protective shield with an improvised mouth-nose protective mask.