War is pure evil! Who would have thought that a few hundred kilometers from us would be real war. Ballistic protection and body armor vest are needed in Ukraine. Defenders often have no ballistic protection at all.

We rebuilt the workshop for the production of ballistic plate carriers and we started to sew them from morning to night. We have given work to 15 Ukrainian women, who now sew with us in two shifts carriers for Ukrainian men and sons. We would like to send them to Ukraine as soon as possible. The carriers are designed for militia - Territorial defense, which needs it needs the most.

Who would like to help with a voluntary contribution or gift:
Our transparent account is FIO Bank Czech Republic: 

IBAN: CZ50 2010 0000 0022 0178 6766

Account preview is here (https://ib.fio.cz/ib/transparent?a=2201786766)

All the funds transferred to our transparent account will be used for material for ballistic plate carriers as well as salaries of Ukrainian girls, who now sew vests in our workshop from morning to night. Plate carriers paid from these funds are not intended for sale to end customers, but only intended for direct distribution to Ukraine through official channels.

We all hope that the war will end as soon as possible. Until it ends, we want to do everything in our power to save lives. Thank you to everyone who will help save the lives of people living a few hundred kilometers from us.

Note: This event is not a public fundraising in the sense of Act 117/2001 Coll., But a private fundraising intended only for customers of Tlusty & Co. - Brašnářství Tlustý a spol. s r.o. If you are not yet our customer, and you would still like to help, please become our customer by buying the benefitial keychain "GIVE A VEST. SAVE LIFE." here: https://www.brasnarstvitlusty.cz/klicenka-daruj-vestu-ukrajine or any other product.

We decided to add a hand to the work and help with what we do best - to sew.

We couldn't do it alone. We had to completely rebuild the textile factory within a few tens of hours. And most importantly ... thanks to this project, we were able to give work to the people who have the most motivation - refugee Ukrainian women. They sew with us from morning to night and thus help their men and sons at the frontline and territorial defence forces.

Hundreds of vests are already sewn and going to their destination. Hundreds more are sewing. As long as they shoot people, we'll sew. We believe that our efforts can help save the lives of people who defend their country against aggressors several hundred kilometers away.