Gift Voucher - Shoes

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Gift Voucher - Shoes

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digital voucher
digital voucher

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paper voucher - shoes
paper voucher - shoes

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EUR 500
Product Description

Gift voucher for custom-made shoes.

The shoes are leather-trimmed, classic, Blake technology. For convenience, we chose a hoop that fits the shape of a "Slavic" wider leg. Shoes are made for each custom-made customer. They are made of premium Italian cow leather, lined either by beef skin or furry fur.

In our workshop, you can try out test shoes in sizes 41–48 and arrange individual measurements.

You can choose a variety of options and accessories (these services will be added to the basic price):

- Patinating: we are able to make your shoes look special – we can darken your toe and heel with this special technique

- Lining: You can choose either a bovine lining or a coat of coat for winter

- Shoe height: Out of the basic height of 10 cm shoes you can choose 12, 14, 16 cm

- Outsole: You can choose either a durable synthetic rubber outsole or an elegant leather outsole.

- Monogram: we are able to set a monogram in your shoe

- Orthopaedics: If your test shoe does not fit, we will personally adjust your shoe orthopaedic (flat leg, high heel, articulated joints, etc.)

The voucher can be bought at the exact price according to the equipment (choose from the variations in the roulette or call in advance). If you would like to have some additional options on-site, you can pay the price difference on the spot.

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