If you are state run hospital or social care house from any country in European Union and you are in urgent need of face masks or face shields. 


We will contact you and discuss your needs and what amount is possible to send (according to our capacity and available funds).


Thanks to the donations from people who support our efforts to help those in need we collected:


April 1st: - 311 619 CZK (EUR 11 227)

From this money, we were already able to make fabric masks and protective shields made in our workshop available free of charge to the following medical and social institutions:
Haima Association - Pediatric Oncology and Hematology, Motol University Hospital
Emergency department of the MOTOL university hospital
Cardio center IKEM
Institute for mother and child care
Na Homolce Hospital
Na Bulovce University Hospital
Hospital Královské Vinohrady
Thomayer hospital
Clinic for gynecology in the Apolinář hospital
Sanatorium Arc
Institute for Social Services Prague 4
Cardio Center of the Karlovy Vary Hospital
Havlickuv Brod Hospital
Hořátev retirement home
Rokycany Hospital
Sv.-Agnes-Heim Beroun
Psychiatric clinic Štemberk
Police of the Czech Republic - Prague 10 Vršovice
Mazurská Polyclinic
Benešov hospital
SKP center Pardubice
Home Care Center - Beroun
Innef Brno - Hemodialysis Center of the Mendel Foundation
St. Sisters of Mercy Hospital Karel Boromejsky - Prague
Hospital Chomutov
--- this list is updated daily ---

Many thanks to all donors! Every euro helps.



If you want to contribute too, please send any amount of your choice directly to the transparent account at 
FIO Bank: 2201786766/2010
IBAN: CZ5020100000002201786766
If you would like to deduct your donation from tax as a donation and need a donation receipt, please write directly to mail@tlustyco.com
You can view the transparent account here


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