Custom Made Leather Wallets and Purses

Tlusty & Co. wallets are crafted by hand in our workshop in Prague to the most exacting standards. Every piece is created just for the person who requests it. Nothing is mass produced - everything is custom made. Our commitment to quality means that we only ever use the best materials available, so our wallets last for many years. You can see and feel the difference between a Tlusty & Co wallet and anything you've ever owned before!

A wallet for every occasion

We produce different styles for different customers, from small wallets just for credit cards to larger wallets for coins, cash, and cards. Choose a stylish wallet for daily use or a luxury wallet for special occasions and gifts.

Unique and original

Your wallet is made to order exactly as you wish! Choose the style (card slots, cash, coin purse) that suits your needs and the colour of the leather and stitching used to craft it. Select from one of nine leather colours to create your own unique combination. You can choose colours for the leather used on both the inside and the outside of the wallet.

If you want a wallet made to match your shoes, belt, or existing piece of clothing, we can do it! Please contact us and we will arrange it for you.

Want something else? You be the designer and we'll create it for you! 

Embossing and monogramming

For a very special gift, let us emboss your wallet with initials, letters, name, logo, or coat of arms for the recipient. Our embossing is made using a traditional Czechoslavak binder press (Stehlík) from 1947.