• Donate at least 100 CZK (approx. 5 USD / 4 EUR) and help single mothers and their children together with us!

  • However, you can donate for a whole month - not just during the Fridays event. Every 100 CZK counts and when there are a lot of them, it can help a lot!

Dear customers, fans and supporters of Tlustý Leatherworks,

last spring's solidarity is gone, no one even wants to hear about coronavirus, we are all tired of it. However there are people among us who have it way worse than us. Last year we were able to get through it thanks to orders from you all, this year on top of that we are celebrating 100,000 customers. Therefore we would like to return a part of our success to the society.

Hence we are launching the Damekilo.cz project - from every order we will give 100 CZK to a project that we think is worth helping. This month we decided to help single mothers and their children and the Klub svobodných matek z.s. (Club of Single Mothers).

It is often impossible for single mothers to find a job. Thanks to the Dámekilo project, the three specific mothers listed below will get a job. We offered them to work together with us on keychains and earn money. 

Every 100 CZK helps!

Everyone has a hundred CZK - a kilo - in their pocket. We spend this amount every day on often insignificant things. If each of us gives a 100 CZK, you and us, and if a lot of such "kilos" gather, it will greatly assist. Let's each donate a 100 CZK and help the people who really need our help!

Thus as of today, anyone who buys a keychain with the Dámekilo.cz logo will contribute 100 CZK with their purchase not only to support the 3 specific mothers listed below but also to other single mothers associated in the Klub svoboných matek z.s.

If you want to donate more, you will be able to enter a "surcharge" on each product from 100 to 10,000 CZK. Every 100 CZK helps. Everyone who joins and "gives a kilo" will receive a symbolic keychain with the Damekilo.cz logo from us free of charge as a reward and thanks for participating in this charity project.

In March we will give 100 CZK to Klubsvobodnychmatek.cz

Klub svobodných matek z.s. helps hundreds of mothers and their children with finances to provide food and housing costs. They also help pay for lunches in kindergartens and schools, summer camps and Christmas presents. At the same time they help mothers who would like to become independent thanks to their skills and need help with starting a business and self-employment single parents who are struggling due to the Covid crisis.

Thanks to the Dámekilo project and your contributions on symbolic keychains, we can give work to these three single mothers:

  • Lucie Sýkorová - Lucie takes care of her nine-year-old twins alone. Half a year ago they moved to a small apartment which needed to be equipped and arranged for children and she also had to provide children with the necessary equipment for distance learning. She must considered and think through every purchase because Covid has also affected their budget due to the high cost of protective equipment for her son with asthma. The period of billing energy advances is approaching, which is the scarecrow of many single mothers. 
  • Bohdana Pličková Brožíková - Bohdana has been a mother for twelve years and she has been taking care of her son on her own for ten years. She became in her own words: "a multifunctional parent and I think I have a piece of work behind me (and a lot ahead of me)." The pandemic has taken her job but she is still fighting. For her a son, his future and dreams.
  • Věra Pupová - Věra from Kladno has been taking care of her son Honzík, who suffers from a combined disability, for 14 years. The possibility of extra income was very welcomed because taking care of her son is very demanding and she can only work from home. 

All additional selected funds will go to the Klub svobodných matek z.s. to be redistributed to single mothers.


We have prepared an online music party for all contributors!

On March 19, 2021 the first ever DÁMEKILO 90's PARTY took place at the Tlustý Leatherworks!

DJ legend Josef Sedloň played in our live stream. DÁMEKILO PARTY was streamed on MixCloud directly from our workshop.