About Us

Here at Tlusty & Co. we’ve only ever done things our way. The most beautiful leather goods using the world’s finest materials. In fact, in over 7 years, we’ve never known any other way. 

In the heart of Europe, people know us, and truly love the quality that Tlusty & Co. represents. Now we want to introduce what we do to the world.

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This is a special time for our us, to make it special for you, we’ll emboss and deliver any of our unique leather goods worldwide for free, and give you 10% OFF our usual prices.  


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Your benefits

We’ve never cut corners, nothing has been outsourced just to save money, nothing has been mass produced. Instead, we’ve been working to revive traditional Czech craftsmanship.

Everything is handmade and custom made for every single order we receive. We sell direct from our little workshop here in Prague, so there are no extra retail costs passed on to our customers. 

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